Monday, April 20, 2009

First experience with blog’s …

Since the blog community is such a big help in daily work, I wanted to see if I can give something back and also start a blog. I created one blogspot almost 3 years ago, but never followed up on it.

So – since I though I have something interesting to post, I gave it a try. I like good tools so I went on a mission to get my tools together. First step was to pick a place to host the blog. I have a web hosted environment on, so I tried their blog … don’t do it, that was the first disappointment. was the next stop. For the heck of it, I couldn’t find a template that was NOT fixed wide. I hate those. What is the point of a wide screen monitor if only 750 pixels are used ? Especially since I would be posting code fragments.

Going back to blogspot – the templates are not any better, but after a lot of searching, try and error the one I used is at least not fixed width. I know it is ugly – but it serves the purpose.

Next stop – I like to see how it looks when I write. I read a lot of good things about Windows LiveWriter. The annoying part is that Microsoft REALLY want'’s you. If you not careful saying No to most of the components on the installer, it takes over your system …

It is actually a pretty good tool. Next stop was to find a way to pretty-print the source code fragments. What a odyssey – After trying numerous Plugin’s I settled for SyntaxHighlighter from Alex Gorbatchev along with SyntaxHighlighter for Windows Live Writer Plugin.

The post that really got me going was How to display code (nicely) in Blogger posts | techqi

And the most important information in there

Additionally, the code might include break tags before lines. In Blogger, go to Settings>Formatting and set 'Convert line breaks?' to No. (Note- this will remove line breaks throughout your previous posts as well, and you'll have to resort to pasting lots of double-break tags.) Unfortunately, this seems like the only solution at this point.


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